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Gas Piping

Trust The Pros

If you are interested in retrofitting your electric appliances to gas, or are building a new home utilizing gas appliances, you require an experienced gas piping company to do the job right.  Never trust an amateur when it comes to natural gas, a highly flammable and toxic commodity!  Instead, trust the pros at Lance Maxwell Plumbing to complete your job seamlessly and efficiently.

Why Switch To Gas?

Most people who switch to gas absolutely love it and there’s good reason why.  Gas is far less expensive than oil, cleaner, easier to handle and doesn’t need to be refilled.   Around the kitchen, it provides faster heating surfaces for your stove and that telltale gas smell to warn you should a leak occur.  The availability of gas-fueled utilities can also add thousands to the resale value of your home.

Lance Maxwell Plumbing can send their experienced technicians to your home to evaluate the costs and benefits of a gas conversion and advise you of the best course of action.  We are also available to install gas piping for your newly constructed home.  Call us for the best value and most reliable service for all your gas piping needs.

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