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Sewer and Water Lines

An Expert in Sewer and Water Line Repair

Many things can cause cracked or broken sewer lines – tree roots, corrosion, ground freezes, or foreign substance build-up to name a few.  Especially damaging can be infiltrating roots that can later cause major clogs when paper products or other debris come in contact with them.   Growing roots can put severe pressure on pipes, causing all kinds of serious damage.

Lance Maxwell Plumbing is an expert in sewer and water line repair and can help you catch problems early, before they escalate into major repairs.  We use modern camera technology to actually see where problems are before we start any work.  Our chief concern is to get the job done right, without incurring additional expenses for work that’s not needed.

The Right Strategy

We examine your lines from beginning to end, ensuring that we have pinpointed the source of the clog and chosen the right strategy to correct it.  Our Lance Maxwell technicians will also work with you to determine whether the problem is your responsibility to correct or whether it is part of your city-wide system.

Lance Maxwell Plumbing has been helping customers with these issues for over 20 years, so call us the next time you experience a problem with your sewer or water lines.  We are available to serve our Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Panhandle, and other northern Florida customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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