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Have you ever been sitting in your house and suddenly hear the “drip drip drip” from a leaking faucet?  Or have you ever been lying in bed as the house becomes quiet and began to hear the soft trickle of the toilet slowly draining water?  We’ve all been there and we’ve all had to handle the inconveniences of a leaky faucet or toilet.  Most people ignore these little drip drip drips at first, however over time it can cost a homeowner hundreds of dollars!

A faucet that is dripping one drip per second is wasting up to 3,000 gallons in just one year!  That can add up to a lot of lost money when it comes to your water bill.  Not to mention the waste of water can impact the environment.  In most cases these leaks are easy to repair and can be fixed within minutes.  Unfortunately many people don’t address the issue while it’s in the early stages; they wait until the leak is severe and must be addressed immediately.

Lance Maxwell is your Tallahassee plumber that understands how busy life can be and how things like leaking faucets and toilets tend to not be repaired until it becomes a real problem.  We are here to help you and make your life easier.  With our fast response time and experienced plumbers on staff we can promptly fix just about anything!  Lance Maxwell Plumbing pride ourselves with bringing the same degree of trust and integrity to every customer we serve. We provide around the clock service and are happy to serve customers any time of the day or night.