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Lance Maxwell Plumbing has been serving the Tallahassee community and Florida Panhandle with their plumbing needs for over 20 years.  We can confidently say that we are proud to offer a wide range of plumbing services.

When you think of plumbing, you probably think of clogged drains.  We here at Lance Maxwell Plumbing have all the professional tools needed to unclog a drain safely without damaging your pipes. You can call us day or night; your plumbing emergency is our top priority.

Maintaining a clear drain and keeping those pesky clogs at bay can be easy when following these helpful tips.

  • Use a drain catcher in the tub and kitchen sink. The less hair and food particles going down the drain…the better!
  • NEVER pour grease down the drain. Seriously don’t do it.
  • Avoid using harsh and damaging chemicals in your drains. These can eat away at the pipes and cause extensive damage.

Whether you are a home owner with a clogged pipe, a broken water heater, or even a slab leak, Lance Maxwell Plumbing of Tallahassee has the experience to help you.  We also offer professional plumbing installation, irrigation installation, backflow testing and much more.

Our irrigation installation experts have decades of experience.  If you are a plant lover and want your gardens to stay beautiful year round, or you just appreciate lush green grass, Lance Maxwell Plumbing is the plumber in Tallahassee you need.