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Tankless vs. Tank Water Heaters, which way would be best for my family?

Is your hot water heater starting to give you problems? Is it getting close to heaving its last breath?

Have you been thinking about getting a Tankless hot water heater?

Installing a Tankless hot water heater is not a simple as removing the old tank heater and installing the new Tankless one. There will be some modifications needed and not generally done in one day. It is therefore recommended that some planning be implemented.

The question you have been asking yourself for the last month or so now needs an answer. Replace the heater with a tankless heater or one with a holding tank.

You know all about holding tank heaters, you have had one all your life. Now it’s time to find out about a tankless heater.

Lance Maxwell Plumbing carries Rinnai High-Efficiency Tankless hot water heaters, a brand considered to be the best in the industry.

A bit about Rinnai and their philosophy in their own words:

“Customers are the center of our culture and belief system. Nearly a century of innovation in residential and commercial water heating, with a focus on enhancing lives by changing the way water is heated.”

Tankless hot water heaters are available utilizing propane, electric and natural gas. The most common models are natural gas and propane.

There are many tankless hot water heaters in the marketplace. However, the positive reputation and goodwill that comes with the Rinnai Tankless Water Heater cannot be found in any other brand. The result is that the Rinnai is the best choice for any family home that would be interested in a higher GPM (Gallons per Minute) flow of hot water.

Some of the features of the Rinnai units are:

Sleek Design:  The silver color and compact design are attractive and complimented with a simple exterior installation system.

Constant Hot Water Flow: Great for large families. This flow allows for non-fluctuating, uninterrupted hot water through 5 plumbing outlets at one time.

Eligible for Tax Credits: This unit qualifies for a Tax Credit. It may also reduce energy bills by up to 40%.

Durable: The warranty is excellent and durable. Suitable for a whole house tankless water heater.

The operation of a tankless hot water heater is straightforward.

  • Turn on a hot water faucet.
  • Cold water flows into the Rinnai water heater and trips switches in the heat exchangers.
  • The gas flame is ignited and heats the two heat exchangers of a super high-efficiency unit.
  • The water is heated as it passes through the stainless steel heat exchanger.
  • Hot water flows through the pipes to the turned on faucet.
  • The water will be delivered hot until the faucet is turned off and the heating process is automatically turned off.

For more information on Rinnai Tankless Hot Water Heaters, have a Lance Maxwell Plumbing technician come to your location in Tallahassee and the surrounding area, sit down with you and share their recommendations. The consultation meeting is free, the learning experience is priceless.