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ADA Toilets

Are you considering upgrading or replacing your existing old style toilets?

A lot of people are relocating from the Northern states to the Tallahassee area. Many of these folks are senior citizens settling in to enjoy their retirement years here in our beautiful city. They and many of the younger population are buying older homes that need some updating and upgrading. In some cases, these houses are looked upon as fixer-uppers, or they have the potential for flipping with some makeover or restoration.  One of the rooms that stand out often as needing renovation is the bathroom with its former old-style lavatory and sinks.  The trend today in selecting replacement toilets, is leading to choosing ADA toilets.

ADA stands for “Americans with Disabilities Act.” The act has established standards that allow for persons with disabilities to be able to function with relative ease in their environment, surroundings and public areas.  The bill established rules and regulations on how public facilities must be constructed to accommodate disabled citizens. Among these regulations was the redesign of the toilet. Historically, lavatories, along with many other things were built at a standard height and design without regard for the use or needs of people with disabilities.

The redesign of these toilets has made them more desirable, popular and accessible with the public in general, and not limited to those with disabilities or senior citizens. They are being installed in more than 50% of new construction homes, apartments, and all commercial facilities. When a serious analysis is done on why the trend is moving so actively to an ADA fixture, the reasons are self-explanatory. The ADA fixture is superior in function and design.

What is the standard toilet height?

Traditionally, the standard height of household toilets is 14.5 inches, which now seems pretty low for many people. Many plumbers and the big box stores are directing their customers to the benefits of an ADA toilet.

What are the ADA toilets?

The many newly designed toilets available in the marketplace are known as an ADA style as they meet the requirements of the “Americans with Disabilities Act.” These toilets are also known in some cases as “Comfort” toilets, but only if they meet the height and performance requirements of the ADA.

  • The required minimum height of an ADA toilet usually is 17 inches including the height of the seat. The ADA also allows for a total height of 19 inches as it will meet the standards.
  • The taller 19-inch model is better for people with back, hip or shoulder injuries as the lower level models are more difficult to rise from the sitting position.
  • The flushing handle must be located in a position that allows for ease in reaching and performing the flush with no more than 5lbs of force.
  • There are ADA installation requirements that must be met.

So you are in pretty good health and don’t have a disability.  So why should you choose an ADA toilet?

There are numerous reasons why an ADA toilet would be under consideration:

  • ADA toilets come in many modern styles and shapes, from tank-less to one-piece units and two-piece models.
  • The price range runs from inexpensive to moderate cost dependent on the style and model selected.
  • The sitting position on an ADA toilet is very comfortable.
  • Due to the additional height of the toilet, standing up is much easier from the higher sitting position.
  • Water usage per flush is reduced over the old style toilets rendering savings.
  • One feature offered on some models is the ability to flush with minimum water use when appropriate or maximum water usage when needed.
  • Installing an ADA toilet improves the value of your home since it is an added value item and very desirable.
  • Removal and replacement of the old style toilet is relatively inexpensive and easily accomplished.

So now after some deliberation and comparison of a regular toilet or an ADA unit, the decision has been made.  What to do now?

Call Lance Maxwell Plumbing!  You’ve heard they are the best in Tallahassee. You also know they are offering a $320 total cost for a new ADA toilet which includes material, labor, delivery, and installation of the new toilet, which includes, hauling off the old unit.

The company sets up an appointment with one of their technicians to come to your house and discuss your ideas and plumbing needs and the process followed to complete the installation.

When the technician arrives, he brings pictures of potential lavatories that will meet your needs and explains the benefits of each.

The technician will survey the location for the new toilet, determine any possible renovations required as well as the possible cost. Generally, the installation is a straightforward, quick and clean process.